Focused and calm

Ali & Greta

Ali was a rescue from NJ Boxer Rescue and things weren't the smoothest between the two in the beginning. Now they're best friends

Max & Heb

Puppy Hike fun in the snow


Loving the water on a clear spring day.


So, that's what a camel looks like, thought Ira.


Letting mom take a break


Water, water, everywhere


Ever the gentle soul

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Behavorial Training and Pet Services

Where experience & knowledge help you and your dog reach your goals

Our McTavish. Now a healthy 15 years old.

Our McTavish. Now a healthy 15 years old.

“If I had only known about you sooner . . .”

“Wow, what a difference . . .”

“I love working smarter with my dog . . .”

“Works miracles!”

“. . . a calmer more obedient dog.”

“Behavior changing. Life changing!” “Wish you were in Maryland to help with the new one.”

“I wish we had taken Marley to your training sessions when he was a puppy instead of the “positive training” center we went to!”

“Wow, what a difference!”

“Thank you for training me; it really wasn’t my dogs fault.”

“Finally, a method that my dog LOVES!”

“I started with positive training 14 years ago and never looked back.”

Step One: Getting You Off the Verbal Leash . . . .

Fran D. Kramer, CPDT-KA, with her Australian shepherds, Berries and McTavish

Fran D. Kramer, CPDT-KA, with her Australian shepherds, Berries and McTavish

Fortunately for dogs, many of us have moved beyond the idea that training is a lot of “No!” tugging, jerking and yelling. People are finally realizing that shock, prong and choke collars are detrimental to a dog’s mental health and certainly not the answer to solving problems and can actually create even bigger problems. Band-aiding an issue doesn’t fix it – it makes things worse.



Why not teach your dog what’s right in the first place instead of waiting until it makes a “mistake?” Build that solid positive foundation for great behavior. We know you want a happy and healthy relationship with your pet. We work with you and your dog positively but not permissively. There is a huge difference.

The dog is happier with less stress, is more responsive, less reactive to triggers, less touch-sensitive, calmer and more focused.

Puppies taught using these methods are  more outgoing, confident, and eager to face life’s adventures. Statistics show that dogs taught using old-fashioned correction/reward techniques often develop avoidance or aggression issues at some point down the road. Fran D. Kramer, CDPT-KA

Calm focus on a hot day.

Calm focus on a hot day.

BEHAVIORAL TRAININGPrivate & Group Classes 
To have a well-mannered dog is a dog owner’s dream. It’s a realistic goal. And that’s why we work with the dog’s neuro system instead of against it, creating a calmer, more focused dog.

Group classes – Small and tailored to you and your dog. Whether you and your dog are having issues or you just want a good solid foundation for your best friend, training is important and ours is much more than “sit, down, come, stay.” We’re going to work on whatever it is you and your dog needs.



Six-week courses available indoors year round at Raspberry Ridge Sheep Farm:  

Puppy Kindergarten (starting as early as eights weeks of age)

Behavioral Obedience (all levels, beginner to advanced)



Beginning Agility

You can register online by clicking here. This will take you directly to the Raspberry Ridge Sheep Farm site to choose your preferred day/time. Mornings, evenings or weekends available.

Private classes Having a problem? We will discuss it honestly. How to “fix” it, the do’s, the don’t’s, and most importantly why it’s happening. There will be no “alpha rolls,” no spray bottles, cans of pennies, none of these types of outdated and counter productive so-called tools. We will work with the dog’s neuro system instead of against it to reshape your dog into a more outgoing, calm, focused companion.

Flint River Ranch Pet Foods – the very best formulas for dogs & cats

Fred, 10, loves his Flint River Ranch cat formula.


We can’t say enough about this ultra premium line of pet foods. We’ve been feeding this wonderful twice-baked food for over thirteen years now, and with our furry companions it’s a clear case of “you are what you eat.” We can’t say enough good things about it. All formulas the have 100% all-natural, twice-baked, human-grade ingredients, and it’s made right here in the USA.



This company has been in business for 24 years now and have been concerned with high quality food since their beginning. They test and retest their formulas and offer excellent new formulas, the most recent being grain-free Salmon & Potato canine formula. It’s a food with simple high-quality ingredients: Salmon, salmon meal, potatoes, peas, pumpkin, blueberries, quinoa and kelp meal. Wow. Their Cat & Kitten formula is grain free!

By the way, we feed less, too because of the high quality in every formula. Shipping is included and each order is shipped directly to your door via UPS (lower 48 states). Never sold in stores. Always fresh to your door. There’s nothing “foreign” about this food. And they’ve NEVER had a recall! 

Check out what your pet has been missing.  Flint River Ranch Pet Foods.  Made and sourced right here in the USA.


Be a positive difference in your pet’s life. 

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